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Rubber Turnip - WebCam

27 June 2002: The webcam is offline, the site's moving to a clustered web server setup, which completely screws it up.

12 Mar 2002: The webcam is back, had some problems with the drivers when I came back from work (which I go on about in my

diary). But it's all go now. It's also updating every minute now.

10 Jan 2002: I'm going into hospital tomorrow for an operation, and I'll be off work for about six weeks, so I'll be suspending updates on the cam at the end of today until I'm back.

13 Dec 2001: Every five minutes.

28 Nov 2001: Now set to upload every 15 minutes.

26 Nov 2001: I've set it to upload every half-hour now.

13 Nov 2001: I've upgraded to the new version of vgrabbj (0.8), which includes FTP support (I'd previously been using a wrapper script). I've set it to upload once an hour during UK office hours, let's see how it holds up.

2 Nov 2001: I've stopped the cam updating for the time being, it was really hammering the syslogd on the web server, so until I come up with a better method of uploading to the server, it's basically offline.

© 2001 James Ogley