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Rubber Turnip - My Software

This is just a collection of pieces of software I've written/am writing, or that I have built and packaged.
I make no guarantees of quality, use them if you think they'll be of use to you, and feel free to feedback updates to me.
  • Galeon
    I've started producing RPMs of Galeon, the GNOME web browser, for SuSE Linux.
  • Web Diary System
    I wasn't happy with any of the web-based diary/journal systems I found on the 'net, so I started my own. It's not anything flash, but it does a very good if basic job at the moment.
  • Directory Indexer
    Someone on one of the SuSE Linux lists asked for a script to create a HTML file that was an index of a directory for use on a CD. This is the result.

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