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If you've come to this page then I'm assuming that for some reason you want to know a bit more about me, why I've seen fit to create this site and why I've said the things I've said in my writings (if indeed, I've actually written anything when you come to read this. If I haven't, you may be wanting to know why not...).

Well tough! I'm just going to write what I want here, and there's nothing you can do about it, ok?!

I work for Pinnacle Insurance Plc, in the Innovations department which is otherwise known as Pinnacle.Net. We basically do cool stuff with Free Software. We run GNU/Linux on our desktops and servers. At the moment, we use a lot of Cobalt machines, but we're increasingly switching to Linux.

This seems like a good point to stick a little disclaimer in: All views expressed on this site are my own, and do not neccesarily reflect those of Pinnacle Insurance Plc or any associated or parent companies.

Before joining Pinnacle, I worked at SuSE as the UK Network Manager, and my biggest claims to fame in that capacity are that I did the UK translations for the YaST2 installer for versions 6.4 - 7.0 (and maybe 7.1 - I can't remember) and I contributed the icon for the Gnome menu entry for the Spruce mailer. Previous employment to SuSE is largely irrelevant in my opinion, so I won't mention it.

I'm still pretty active on the SuSE mailing lists, especially , which is the English language discussion list, so if you subscribe, look out for me.

Outside of work, I'm a member of , my wife and I lead a cell group and the Word Projection team, which keep us pretty busy. We're also involved with the Soul Survivor festivals. I'm planning to train for ordained ministry within the , assuming I get accepted of course.

That's pretty well all there is to know about me, there are just some interesting snippets about the site to mention. The site was developed on a SuSE Linux machine, using MicroEMACS and Vim to edit the code. Galeon was used to view the site as I was working on it, this uses Gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine, which ensures standards compliance. All images were designed using the GIMP, and are PNG's [information on why I don't use GIF's]. The site is currently hosted on a Cobalt machine provided by my employer.

Want to contact me? Get yourself a Jabber client (the coolest IM system on the planet). You'll find me as . (This is not a valid email address)

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