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Rubber Turnip, if I'm honest, is not a very interesting site in and of itself, which is why I like to have a few projects on the go at any one time. Over the last few months, while RT has been offline due to ISP hassles, I've decided to streamline this list, which is why it looks a bit spartan at the moment. New projects are on the way, I promise.
  • usr local bin
    A site offering updated versions of packages for SuSE Linux. Mainly GNOME software, but not exclusively so.
  • Yes, Minister
    My longest standing project, initially launched back in 1995. it's won awards (well, one) and plaudits. It's resulted in me being consulted by the BBC World Service and had more hits than you can shake a stick at. Now in a state of feature freeze due to how busy I am, it'll not get updated from here on in I'm afraid, but the information contained within it remains just as valuable to the Yes, Minister fan.
  • The RiggCam
    My webcam is back - nuff said!

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