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Rubber Turnip - Advogato

Thursday 25th October 2001

Today I registered myself on Advogato, I'll be putting diary entries there from here on in. Why did I do this? Advogato is a great nexus for Free Software advocates and developers. It's like Speaker's Corner for the Free Software community. I felt it was right to be a part of that.

Free Software works on the peer review principle. If something (usually code) is bad, we tell each other (in the nicest possible way of course), we fix it, we discuss ways of making it better. Advogato extends this idea with peer certification. The members of the site, from the top people in the community like Alan Cox and Bruce Perens down to people like me certify each other with a skill level. The mass of certificates for each person are then calculated into a trust metric. This controls what you can do on the site - for example when you reach a certain level you are allowed to post articles on the site. This means that the community decides who is allowed to speak to them. Democracy in action.

If you've not already registered with Advogato, I suggest you do so, oh, and while you're at it, check my Advogato Diary.

© 2001 James Ogley