Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister


Yes, Prime Minister: Season Two

  • Man Overboard
    The Ministry of Defence is in turmoil over the Employment Secretary's plan to create civilian jobs by moving servicemen north - a serious upheaval and a proposal which the officer's wives would strongly object to. The PM is in favour of the plan until Sir Humphrey hints that the Employment Secretary is plotting against him.
  • Official Secrets
    The Former PM is writing his memoirs which have to be submitted to the government for security reasons. When Hacker recieves a chapter that makes him look bad it's leaked to the press that he tried to suppress it's publication
  • A Diplomatic Incident
    The sudden death of the former PM, and his memoirs, gives Hacker an opportunity to host a state occasion...and to make sure his prdecessor is dead.
  • A Conflict Of Interests
    With the Party Conference coming up, rumours of a scandal in the city do nothing to improve the PM's press. Sir Humphrey knows that the only way to avoid disaster depends on the new governor of the Bank of England. Can he persuade the PM to appoint the right man?
  • Power To The People
    Hacker's having problems with local goverment. With Agnes Moorhouse, leader of Houndsworth Council to be precise. She certainly has some odd ideas - like abolishing parliament, the courts and even the monarchy! She must be stopped. This calls for Hacker's Reform Bill. Nigel Hawthorne is excellent in this episode in the exchanges with Agnes Moorhouse.
  • The Patron Of The Arts
    The PM is doing a spot of glamourous PR - presenting the British Theatre Awards Dinner in front of 12 million people. Unfortunatly, the annual Arts Council grant has turned out to be less than generous...and the Managing Director of the National Theatre himself is introducing Hacker's speech.
  • The National Education Service
    The education system is a disaster. It's time for Hacker to get a grip on it for the sake of the future of the nation (and the next election). He could always axe the Department of Education - but what would Sir Humphrey say?
  • The Tangled Web
    Hacker has commited the ultimate political sin - lying to the House (well, lying to the House when there's good chance of being found out, anyway). Humphrey feels he has a moral responsibility to tell the truth...unless Hacker can employ some gentle persuasion.