Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister


The Characters

  • Jim Hacker
    Jim is a former editor of Reform Magazine, where he had a reputation for blue pencilling and tearing up articles, after serving on the opposition front benches, he became Minister for Administrative Affairs when his party won the General Election. After opposing the Eurosausage, he was made leader of the parliamentary party, and so, Prime Minister. He was at the L.S.E. (London School of Economics), where he got a third.
  • Sir Humphrey Appleby
    Sir Humphrey went to Balliol (pronounced Baillie) College, Oxford, from where he got an MA. He went on to join the Civil Service. Having served in the War Office and seconded to the Scottish Office, he joined the Department for Administrative Affairs, eventually becoming Permanent Secretary. When Sir Arnold retired, he was appointed Cabinet Secretary. He went on to become Master of Balliol College when he retired from the Service.
  • Bernard Wooley
    Bernard was Jim's Principal Private Sectretary at the DAA, and his Private Secretary when he was made PM. He too went to Oxford, although which college isn't known. He is a bit insubordinate, particulaly where Jim is involved, and I assume he read English at Oxford, as he is always complaining when people's grammer leaves a lot to be desired. He has a very strange sense of humour, and does a wonderful eagle impression.
  • Sir Arnold Robinson
    Went to Bailliol College, Oxford, like Sir Humphrey, and was Sir Humphrey's predecesser as Cabinet Secretary. After stepping down as Cabinet Secretary, he joined the Campaign for Freedom of Information, to ensure that that freedom were not abused.