Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister


Tribute To Paul Eddington

Paul Eddington died this weekend, at the age of 68, he will be sadly missed by many people, many people in the UK remember him most for his portrayl of Jerry in the Good Life, which also starred Richard Briers, however, it was his portrayl of Jim Hacker in Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister which gained him international fame, as well as two BAFTA nominations.

However, he was also a major stage actor, appearing alongside such notables as Sir John Gielgud. Indeed, his last appearence on TV was in a new production of Henry IV.

For the past few years, he has suffered from a rare form of skin cancer, which recently got worse, his work will live on though, as many people are fans of his two major comedy series, including Margaret Thatcher who said of Yes Minister, "it's accurate portrayl of what goes on in the corridors of power has brought me hours of pure joy", she also appeared in a special scene with Eddington, portraying him as one of her ministers, in spite of the intention of the programme not to portray him as belonging to any political party in particular.