James Ogley

My Mates

Inevitably, when you more or less live online as I have for the last ten years or so, most of the people you know are also netizens. It's only polite to have links to their sites, right?
  • Nick Daniels
    Nick's a mate from university, and he now lives down the M1 from me in Luton. he just recently got around to putting together his site after having had one right through uni.
  • Neil Hamilton
    Neil used to be my housemate. In fact, he used to be my landlord! He preached at my wedding, and I led worship at his. Suffice to say, we're great mates. Having (like me) done a couple of stints working at and running Church Net UK, Neil now runs his own consultancy, and if you need a DSL line, he's your man.
  • Paul Johnston
    Relatively speaking, Paul's quite a new friend, he goes to Soul Survivor Watford like me, and he also runs his own consultancy. He's a total Cold Fusion guru with a tendency to have insane ideas. He also has two adorable daughters. [Paul's Blog]
  • Cat Cray
    This time, the link's to a blog. Cat's a great friend, we've known her for about three years since we met at Soul Survivor: The Message 2000 in Manchester. She was on the video crew, we were running the song display (as always). She's now moved to Watford, and of course, now I've moved away.
  • Clare Gibson
    Clare's a great friend of ours from church, someone we spend a lot of time with. This is another blog, perhaps offering some insight into the insane world Clare inhabits. Clare's life is never dull, so it should certainly be an interesting read. Clare also happens to be Cat's housemate, no nepotism here, honest...
  • Justin Davies
    Justin was a colleague of mine at SuSE, he now works as Principal Architect (Linux) at SCC Plc, and provides the hosting for Planet SuSE
  • Roger Whittaker
    Not the famous whistler, but another former SuSE colleague. Roger is now a Senior Linux Consultant at SCC, and was a co-author of the SUSE Linux 9 Bible with Justin.
  • Peter Prior
    Peter also used to work at SuSE, although not at the same time as me. He just finished a Computer Science degree at Aberystwyth Uni, and now works as a network engineer.