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St Paul's Celebration 10 Feb 2003
We had the Soul in the City Celebration at St Paul's Cathedral on Friday, what a time! It was just incredible, we were full to capacity inside (I think it was just short of 3,500 inside), and then we had apparently about 1,000 outside who couldn't get in. They stayed to pray! Over the course of the evening, the sound and AV crews rigged up a video and sound relay to them.

It was just incredible, in that amazing building that's been a focus for the worship of God in our country for centuries, to join that great tradition as we worshipped Jesus, and interceded for our capital city.

Before going down to get the CTP stuff setup, met up with my mate Nick (aka for lunch which was class, and took a few photos for my Photo Gallery.

Spent the rest of the weekend recovering really, Friday was once seriously tiring day, I really feel for the guys who were there from first thing, and were still working till midnight or later, they really served.

Powell! 6 Feb 2003
Okay, so Coh-lin (it's Colin, for goodness sake man, you can't even pronounce your own name, and here you are pronouncing judgement on an entire nation-state!) Powell presented the US's evidence against Iraq to the UN Security Council yesterday. I for one am still not 'on-board' for the upcoming military action. Leaving aside the fact that I do not trust the evidence as far as I could hurl a Patriot missile for a moment, there seems to be some mad idea floating around that there is such a thing as a justification for going to war.

What we're talking about here is not a game, it's not a bunch of robots fighting each other, it's not a game of chess, these are real human beings here! Just because they are a long way away, and some (the ones on 'our side') are employed as soldiers, doesn't mean they are expendable. There is no way that murdering thousands of innocent Iraqis does them any favours. It is not the case that the West is served by endangering a generation of young men and women who don't know any better than to have joined the armed forces. All that will happen if the West attacks Iraq is that a lot of people are going to die, and ultimately Iraq will get the government that George Bush wants them to have, which is obviously the best government they could have.

Then there's the issue of the trustworthiness or otherwise of the evidence. I don't know whether the evidence presented is accurate or was fabricated, but what I do know is that I have no reason to trust it on the basis of it being American. This is a regime that was not elected democratically, and has shown itself to be hellbent on pursuing any sovereign state who don't subscribe to the American way of life and government militarily. They don't care about international law, and selectively enforce UN resolutions when it suits them to do so. Why then should I trust their word on this matter? The chances of them submitting their evidence for independent scientific verification are minimal I suspect, and in the absence of that independent verification, it frankly looks very suspicious.

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