James Ogley

Linux related stuff I do

My two main passions related to Linux are SUSE (now a Novell company), and the GNOME desktop. SUSE are my former employers, I really enjoyed my time there and made a lot of good friends, I like to remain very active within the SUSE community in any way I can. GNOME has been my desktop of choise pretty well since it made it's first appearance back in the late 1990s.
    This is a repository of packages I've built for SUSE Linux, mostly GNOME related, but not exclusively so.
  • Planet SUSE
    Planet SUSE is an insight into the lives of member of the Novell/SUSE community. Inspired by Planet GNOME, I set up this blog & news aggregation which now includes a number of employees of SUSE, others who contribute to the community, and even hackers from that other famous Novell subsidiary, Ximian.
  • SUSE Beta Testing and openSUSE
    I'm on the SUSE beta program, testing pre-release versions of SUSE Linux, reporting problems, and helping resolve them. This now includes working on SUSE's community version, openSUSE.
  • Translations
    While I was working at SUSE, I maintained the en_GB translation for YaST (Yet another Setup Tool), and I've recently joined the British English team for GNOME.
  • GNOME System Tools
    The GNOME System Tools are an effort to provide a set of tools that integrate into the GNOME environment, while at the same time providing a consistent interface for people to manage their systems irrespective of what Linux distribution (or indeed, UNIX variant) they may be using. I'm involved in providing the SUSE-specific backend code, which is all written in PERL.
  • GNOME Themes Extras
    The GNOME themes extras package is a collection of metathemes for the GNOME desktop environment. I provide patches to the maintainers that provide the right icon names for GNOME menu entries on SUSE.
  • Making GNOME the default desktop on SUSE 9.0 and 9.1
    This is a short guide, written for linking from the GNOME installation instructions detailing the steps needed to make GNOME the default desktop, and GDM the default display manager on SUSE Linux.
  • GNOME Bugzilla
    This one's a bit tenuous, but, because I believe that making software better is the responsibility of everyone, I actively use GNOME's Bugzilla when I discover bugs in GNOME software I use, and where possible, I provide patches to fix problems I discover. Software I've contributed to this way include The GIMP (build fixes) and Totem (small patch to Mozilla plugin code).
  • AbiWord
    As part of usr local bin, I provide the SUSE packages of AbiWord, both it's stable tree, and the development version.