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First day of ordination retreat and I'm glad I survived. So I thought I'd start putting some thoughts down on how to get through this thing. I expect this list will grow over the course of the retreat. First of all though, I need to recount the day itself.

Drove down very early this morning with a car full of musical instruments which I deposited at the vicarage. Then I headed the bishop's house for lunch followed by the rehearsal at the cathedral. Right after the rehearsal it was straight down to the retreat and I just got back to my room (23.15 in case I don't remember to preserve timestamps on these posts).

Okay, so how to survive the retreat:

  • Pray that you have a good bunch on retreat with you. I honestly don't think I could have done any better unless I was with the Naughty Table or the Tea Club from college. The people around you will always make a huge difference in any context, especially this.
  • Take a book. Not something published by Kingsway, not something on the subject of theology, something totally unimproving. This is the same rule as for selection conference. Then I took a Pratchett book, this time The Book of Dave by Will Self.
  • Take other forms of entertainment. I have with me season seven of The West Wing on DVD and my DAB radio. If you have an iPod or other digital audio player, take it.
  • Go to the pub. Just go. That's where I just returned from. Go to the pub. In case that wasn't clear: Go To The Pub.
  • Then, once you've made sure you'll stay sane, pray and make the most of the space the retreat affords you.
27 Jun 2007, 07:14: Just to clarify

As of 0730 (+0100) today I expect to be offline until late Sunday. Please do not expect emails to be read, never mind responded to. I expect that all mailing lists will effectively be transferred to /dev/null upon my return so if you have a query that you want me to read, please send it to me directly and be patient.