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20 Jun 2007, 22:20: Wednesday catch-up

  • Commissioning Service and the associated social activities were great - so good to have the rest of the Naughty Table there supporting Rachel and me as we were sent out.
  • Down in Watford on Sunday. Went to the morning service at SSW and saw loads of people which was superb. They made the mistake of giving me the microphone half-way through the service to share where we're going to. I almost preached [:)]
  • After the service we had lunch and then afternoon tea with Carole and Andrew. Just lovely to see them. Delivered a bunch of ordination tickets too while we were there. Must put the rest in the post...
  • Monday until today I've been working on my dissertation and I submitted the first complete draft to my supervisor today. It's due on Friday and I'm hoping to have it done and in tomorrow so I can go to the Nottingham Open tennis on Friday.