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16 Jun 2007, 08:14: Commissioning

Today's the Commissioning Service at college where those of us who are leaving are prayed for and commissioned for the next phase of our lives in ministry and mission.

Yesterday I submitted MM310 and MM320. MM310 was the first module of the year and had been waiting for a tidy-up for quite some time. MM320 was my final module of the year and I surprised some very clever people by having written it all (including doing all my reading) within four days while also attending the leavers' course. That all means that, with the exception of my dissertation which I need to finish by Friday, I managed to complete and submit all my work by the deadline. Rar!

16 Jun 2007, 08:14: IT in Retail

We had Liz over for dinner last night which was lovely. It meant that in the afternoon I went to Sainsbury's to buy ingredients for cooking. The weather yesterday afternoon was foul, torrential rain and a heavy thunder storm. The storm caused a brief power-cut (under a second long) at Sainsbury's which in turn caused all the tills to reboot. They took an inordinate amount of time to come back up. Some thoughts:

  • If your sales depends on electronic points of sale such as these, put them all on UPSs.
  • Upgrade the hardware so that they boot more quickly. The Windows 2000 (eugh!) boot screen took an age to clear as did the .bat script that ran at login. The EPOS software itself started very quickly when it was launched but the machines had caused a delay before that point.
  • Don't use Windows, just don't.