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09 Jun 2007, 18:25: Saturday

  • Today was the Focus Leavers' Retreat which Amanda was at (and she took CJ with her) so I had the day to myself.
  • Tried mowing the lawn but it's a little bit of control. Add to that the fact the grass was all heavily laden with pollen just waiting to be released and my double-dose of antihistamine this morning didn't stand a chance. We do at least now have a path to the shed but I think I may have to borrow a strimmer.
  • Had a haircut and then tried to go buy some new shoes for my ordination. Failed miserably in Beeston and didn't have the right change for a bus into Nottingham (how dumb is it to require the correct change?). Going to have to go into the city at some point though because the pair I'd wear otherwise have worn through the soles.
  • The libpurple, pidgin and finch packages in GNOME:Community now match up with the packages in GNOME:UNSTABLE (which in turn were based on my packages in G:C) so that the meanwhile and mono plugins are now subpackages of libpurple. While I was at it I created a new package, gconf2-rpm-macros, which provides the new macros that will be in 10.3 on older products in G:C. Packagers can read more details here.
  • Tomorrow's our last Sunday at St Luke's. It's also the final Sunday in the current service pattern so it's going to be quite a day.