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02 Jun 2007, 10:18: Musings

I had another Facebook email overnight (no link for reasons that will become apparent). Over the last few months a number of my friends (real friends, people I actually know, this isn't spam) have "added me as a friend on Facebook". This I find fascinating as I don't use Facebook, I never have used Facebook, I am not registered with Facebook, I have no desire to be registered with it (because, obviously, I really need another online pursuit to consume my time, don't I? I only just got the Slashdot monkey off my back!). So, how is it possible for people to "add me as a friend"? Shouldn't Facebook say

Hang on, that person isn't registered. You can't add him but you can invite him to join
Getting invitations from these people would make a lot more sense. I'd still ignore them but it would make more sense.

It's been the Half-Term Reading Week this past week and I've been working on my dissertation. Didn't make as much progress as I'd hoped but it could have been worse. Leavers' Course starts on Monday with a Quiet Day then, over the next two weeks, I'll learn about doing funerals, weddings, baptisms, clergy tax, the ordination service itself and lots, lots more.

Alerted HantsLUG to my imminent arrival in their neck of the woods. Not sure how often I'll actually make it to meetings but it's good to make the contacts. I'm going to get myself added to their planet too - so that's one more thing for me to read.

Have decided not to cable-up the house in Bursledon for data - that's just so last century. The wired portion of the LAN will all exist in my study. Amanda's going to have an office upstairs so I'm going to have to get a wi-fi adaptor for weasel. Obviously it needs to work with Linux and preferably with Free drivers. If I have to resort to proprietary drivers or ndiswrapper that'll be a bit of a pain. Also, ideally I'd like it to be USB because in the midst of moving house I don't want to have to bother opening up a system unit. The hunt begins...