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27 May 2007, 08:45: Sunday morning

  • Pidgin 2.0.1 packages are now in GNOME:Community for 10.1, 10.2 and Factory (i586 - some issues with x86_64 on the Build Service at the moment it seems). Also, Stanislav has merged in the old Gaim patches that Martin Szulecki kindly ported for us on the GNOME:UNSTABLE packages. He's also split out some plugins into subpackages. This is a really smart idea and I'll be merging his changes to the GNOME:Community packages so that they match what ultimately ends up in Factory.
  • Leading worship and co-leading the service at St Luke's this morning. It'll be the last thing I do on a Sunday before we leave for Bursledon.

25 May 2007, 18:55: Curacy

After a phone call with Bishop Paul (Southampton) I can now announce that we found a curacy. On July 1st in Winchester Cathedral at 10am I will be ordained Deacon and take up the post of Curate in the parish of Bursledon at the churches of St Leonard and St Paul.

We're both really looking forward to this especially as, after so many false starts, we've found the absolute ideal place and not had to settle for somewhere that we're not going to suit.

25 May 2007, 14:31: The end is in sight

Had the final lectures of the main body of the course this morning. That is to say that in terms of teaching I've now completed my degree (although I still have work to complete and hand in). After next week's reading week the leavers' course starts. This runs for two weeks and concludes with the Commissioning Service.

Pending a phone call this evening, some exciting news should appear here.

23 May 2007, 23:43: Devastation

[AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool]

A fluke opening goal and a general inability to finish from the Liverpool strikers (not surprising - story of the last two seasons).

Just like in Istanbul two years ago - yes, I'll admit it - the best team lost. Very proud of the lads tonight but bemused by Rafa bringing on Arbeloa rather than an attacking option (Bellamy?) near the death.

Phoned Five Live for 606 tonight but, unlike 728 days ago, they didn't call me back.

Off to bed.

20 May 2007, 18:21: The days to come...

  • Visiting a possible curacy tomorrow and Tuesday, very excited about this one.
  • Possible tenants for our house are having a look round tomorrow. Thanks to JdC for opening the house to them for us.
  • Champions' League final on Wednesday night - I'll be in the same pub as for the Istanbul final. All being well, I'll be celebrating again and, who know, maybe on 606 again [:)].

15 May 2007, 22:09: Update

Wow, a couple of days pass and ...

  • The parish we visited last week wasn't the right place, so the search continues.
  • Submitted first draft of my Hebrew assessment yesterday.
  • We went out for a chinese last night with Mike which was a fantastic evening. Many thanks to Ellie and Jeremy for babysitting CJ.
  • Seriously hoping more Labour MPs get behind John McDonnell.
  • Pete makes a very good point about missing kids. Madeleine McCann is not the only missing girl in or connected with the UK at the moment.
  • So, the latest victims of the UK government's racist anti-Muslim policies have been released without charge. This government continues to harass people based on their religion and ethnic background and it sickens me. Just because someone had a connection with someone who committed a crime[1] does not make that person a criminal. Unless they're a Muslim of course it would seem. This is the sort of behaviour one expects of a terrorist state such as the USA or Israel and I'm ashamed that the government of my country continues to have policies of this sort.
[1]... and that the 7/7 bombers knew the full-scale of what they were committing has never been proven.

12 May 2007, 10:05: Photos

  • A few months ago I bought a new phone, a Sony Ericsson K610i, and it's useful for me for a few reasons:
    • It's 3G and occasionally I need to access t'Internet when I'm out and about.
    • It's got a half-decent 2-megapixel camera in it and I like to snap to record my days from time to time.
    • It appears as a USB mass storage device which makes it very easy to use with my Linux-based laptop.
  • Using this phone I've (of course) been taking photos of Callum and today I uploaded them all to the gallery.
  • Yesterday my fellowship group at college went to the Cheesecake Shop and things got very odd. Photos of this are also in the gallery.
  • I've also shot a couple of short videos of Callum:

11 May 2007, 08:25: Good riddance

Didn't have time to post yesterday in response to Blair's announcement that he will finally step down on 27 June. So, here it is:

Goodbye you spinning, untrustworthy, lying, self-absorbed, celebrity and power-obsessed man and take your corrupt, anti-muslim, anti-working class, pro-American, anti-student, secretive, undemocratic, immoral agenda with you.

Just be thankful that you were able to resign when you should have been impeached for lying to the nation and to parliament to justify the decision you had already made to invade a sovereign nation, namely Iraq, illegally and unjustly. You have shown scant regard for the rule of law by eroding the burden of proof and allowing house-arrest in the cases of people who have never even been charged with offences, much less convicted. Your successes will forever be overshadowed by the dark side of your agenda.

Even on the day that you announced the news the whole nation should be glad to hear, your disgraceful regime sought again to 'bury bad news' about another of your plans to curtail the rights and freedoms of the people of this nation, that you so sickeningly called the greatest nation on earth. Does this sound familiar?

The Independent sum up Blair's legacy better than anyone with another of their fantastic front pages:

[Blair's Legacy]

08 May 2007, 14:44: Bank Holiday weekend

  • Phone-call Sunday lunchtime from my bank's anti-fraud department asking about a transaction to a U.S. internet firm. Suffice to say I hadn't made the transaction. Transaction cancelled, card cancelled and cut up, new card in post.
  • Visit yesterday from Neil, Emma and Lauren. First time we'd seen them since Lauren's dedication - she's really grown. Great to catch up. Emma's designing and making my ordination stole, looking forward to seeing it.

06 May 2007, 08:42: Simple Software Install

Wow Ben, this demo rocks out - what a great idea. It sort of reminds of click-n-run or whatever Linspire's thing was called bu, y'know, good.

Quite honoured that you've used my Pidgin package as part of the demo too.

Keep up all posted on how it progresses, I can't really test it since I don't use 10.2 and don't have the time to replicate it for Factory.

05 May 2007, 17:32: Spring cleaning

Yes, it's that time of the year when the house gets a bit of a blitz. It's not been rendered completely spotless of course because we intend to be moving out in a couple of months and the whole place will be being cleaned and redecorated to make it ready for the tenants we will (hopefully) be getting through college.

Going to look at another parish tomorrow. As before I'm not saying where it is at this stage but I'll certainly be posting our progress.

Mmmmm, lots of Ps...

Pidgin 2.0.0 final is now available from GNOME:Community. Anyone with that repository setup in Smart or YaST (or zypper or opensuse-updater or whatever the hell other package management tools we have these days) will get it as an automatic upgrade to Gaim the next time you upgrade.

Broxtowe results are in (that's our borough here in Nottingham) and the Lib Dems gained three seats on the council. Not enough to make them the largest party unfortunately but they moved from third to second. Tragically and sadly, the BNP won one seat. Thankfully the member of that racist and evil outfit shouldn't be able to have any real effect but it's a very sad state of affairs.

Voting problems in Scotland possibly resulting in as many as 100,000 lost votes north of the border. Hopefully the Electoral Commission will carry out a full review of what happened. If this had happened in an African nation there would be calls for the election to be declared void on the grounds of not being free and fair. See also Black Box Voting.

03 May 2007, 07:02: Casting my ballot

I'm off to vote on my way to college.

If you're one of the 39 million people in the UK entitled to vote today, don't forget to do so. It's your voice, use it.

01 May 2007, 22:35: On the way to Athens

Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (Agg: 1-1)
Liverpool go through 4-1 on penalties.

I think we're going to do it again, it's felt like fate in the same way that 2005 did for a couple of rounds now. Major props to Reina for the saves, Gerrard for marshaling the troops, Agger for putting us in the shootout, Kuyt for finishing it and for scoring a goal that seemed on the replay to be onside even though it was disallowed and to the Kop for being the 12th man over the 120 minutes.

Athens here we come...

Pidgin (the replacement for Gaim) and Gimmie (the all-new GNOME Panel replacement) are now in GNOME:Community.

Pidgin provides the following packages (all with a -devel package): pidgin, the GTK+ instant messaging client; finch, the text console instant messaging client; libpurple, the library used by pidgin and finch. It's available for all versions from 10.1 upwards (possibly right back to 9.3 - waiting to see if it builds okay. If it doesn't I'm not investing any time in it though).

Gimmie has been in my home repository for a while but it was time to move it to G:C. This continues to be available for all distro versions from 10.0 upwards. I'll be working on a patch to make it support Pidgin instead of Gaim soon.