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28 Apr 2007, 17:28: Free Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston banner

BBC correspondent, Alan Johnston, was abducted in Gaza on 12 March 2007. Follow the above link and sign the petition calling for his release. The people of Gaza need people who, like Alan, are prepared to tell their story to the world. Journalists must be able to work without fear if they are to be able to be impartial and do their job. Alan Johnston must be freed.

28 Apr 2007, 16:52: Stuff James Ogley is doing

I've decided to post this entry in the style of Michael Meeks.

  • Up early, played with babe while A had lie-in. Shower then into town for lunch. Lunch at Nero then home.
  • Finished the actual words of my placement report, it just needs to be made a bit more pretty and I should get it in Monday morning. Also will submit my statement of financial position then for at such time as I get a curacy sorted.
  • Some discussion on opensuse-gnome about 2.19 this week. It developed a side-discussion on the way Factory is built.
  • Realised I last redesigned this site back when I was getting ready to come to college. May think about a new design for when I leave college. If I have time.

25 Apr 2007, 14:14: DSL Down

My DSL went down yesterday evening at around 17:30 UK time (that's 16:30 GMT). One implication of this is that, since my mail server is on that line, all mail for my various domains are currently queueing on the secondary server.

If you need to get hold of, you can email my gmail.com address which is my forename followed by a dot and then my surname. That should be clear enough. Of course, I can only access that if I'm online and that means when I'm not at home at the moment.

Hopefully the issue should be sorted soon though.

Update: Sorted now.

20 Apr 2007, 17:12: Planet SUSE

The new logo has prompted a few emails enquiring why the site is called Planet SUSE and not planetSUSE or Planet openSUSE or Planet SUSE Enterprise or Planet Wandering Minstrels (okay, not the last one).

So, to clarify. The reason it's two words is because as well as being part of the SUSE community, it's also part of the Planet Universe. The standard nomenclature for sites using the Planet code is Planet X. In this case X==SUSE.

For further clarification, the reason it's Planet SUSE not openSUSE or whatever is that it covers both openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise people. There are far more people whose work affects both than that only affects one or the other and ultimately, we're part of the same big, happy, lizard-shaped family and we need to get along.

So there it is. Planet SUSE, over three years old and the name is now made clear.

18 Apr 2007, 10:37: Work progress

Yesterday I handed in MM316 and reached just over 3000 words on my Placement Report, which I'm continuing with today. I'm now at the stage where I get to do some real theology with it, my favourite part of the report.

Interestingly, a poll of the laptop users in the college reading room right now would reveal OS market shares of OSX: 50%; Linux: 25%, XP: 25%. Windows is dieing folks, put it out of its and our misery.

18 Apr 2007, 08:07: New Planet SUSE logo

I had had enough of looking at my rather amateurish logo for Planet SUSE, so I asked Jakub if he could come up with a replacement and he's produced a stormer. It's up to his usual high standards and I think it looks fantastic.

Check out the difference:

[Old Planet SUSE logo]
My old logo
[New Planet SUSE logo]
Jakub's new logo

16 Apr 2007, 17:24: Common Worship

I love Common Worship. Now, I know speaking positively about a liturgical product is going to come as something of a shock to regular readers so I had better explain.

What I don't love is a straight down-the-line, by-the-numbers, right off the page Common Worship communion service. Communion's not that big a deal for me anyway and doing it word for word as it's found on the page just kills it stone dead as far as I'm concerned.

What I do love is the resource that the whole Common Worship family provides. By that I mean the basic service texts, Daily Prayer, and New Patterns for Worship.

I was leading the 11.15 service at church yesterday. It was a service of the word but I like to use a few vaguely familiar bits of liturgy. The standard collect for yesterday, Second Sunday of Easter, is deadly. Common Worship alternative collects to the rescue with a much better option. Then it was New Patterns with a quality Kyrie confession (that's "Lord have mercy") and Absolution for the time of year and theme of service.

So, all in all, hooray for Common Worship for helping me put together a familiar yet fresh semi-liturgical service for my family at St Luke's.

14 Apr 2007, 09:25: Saturday morning

Catch up from the last few days:

  • Watched Liverpool-PSV on Wednesday night. Watched the first half at the Charlton Arms and then moved to the Chequers Inn for the second half because of the total lack of atmosphere at the Charlton. 1-0 is "job done" but the Liverpool side (admittedly with some key players rested) were quite poor on the whole. At full-time I walked down into Beeston and went to the Commercial Inn where I ran into Skye from college. All in all a very enjoyable night.
  • Been working on my Placement Report for college. It's pretty slow going but I reckon it'll be done by the end of the vacation.
  • I've had to remove Karl from Planet SUSE as the Atom feed for his Blogger blog was messing around again.
  • It's pollen season again and doesn't my nose just know it?

10 Apr 2007, 23:13: Spooky!

Went to the Cadland tonight and found that one of their guest ales at the moment is 'The Rev James'. What a lot of people may not know is that, assuming I do get ordained, I'll be the Revd James not the Revd Ogley. A photo of the pump badge is below. Spooky after what I posted earlier.

Amanda and Callum are down with her parents this week. House feels really strange without them.

[The Rev James]

10 Apr 2007, 18:27: Employable?

Well, apart from Sunday's Easter greeting, I've been rather quiet for the last week or so. The reason for this is that it's been a week of reflection on our part.

Last Tuesday, we went to a parish that we were in communication with regarding a curacy (it would be inappropriate for me to name the parish). This was our second visit to this parish, the first so far that we'd visited more than once. Suffice to say we were very enthusiastic about the prospect of ministering in that place.

The day seemed to go very well and we met the whole staff team over the course of the time we spent there. The following evening, the incumbent of the parish called with the results of their discussion. The decision was that they didn't want to go forward with us. The reasons are not important for a public record but I think the incumbent behaved entirely correctly and appropriately in the situation.

Now, over the course of this year, I have joked at college about being the least employable ordinand in the country as the vast majority of my colleagues at college were fixed up with title posts to serve.

The question we found ourselves asking last week was whether we will actually find something. We have been reassured by those in the know that it is not unusual for people to still be looking for a post now and for those people to then be sorted in the end.

We are trusting that the, frankly unexpected, decision by this parish not to continue in communication with us regarding the curacy represents God moving 'in a mysterious way' because the pairing of us and that context was the wrong one. We are also trusting that the right place will come up. I hope that the right place involves ordained ministry. However, if it does not, so be it.

08 Apr 2007, 07:51: Easter Morning

Alleluia. Christ is risen.

He is risen indeed. Alleluia.

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