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That's right, I made it to the end of day two. The biggest thing today was that at Evening Prayer today it was the turn of the deacons-to-be to lead the service (the retreat is for both those to be made deacon and those to be made presbyter [priest]). There's a few of us from the New Wine style and so we decided that we would add a bit of balance to the more traditional style of worship that there's been so far. It ended up falling to me (as the guy with the guitar and more worship resources than you can shake a well-greased stick at) to lead worship during the service. It went pretty well and I think it helped those of us for whom that is our natural position while also opening horizons for those for whom that's not to where they would naturally gravitate. Also today I arranged for a Sky engineer to come out only a couple of days after we move into the house in Bursledon to install a dish there. We're going out for a curry tomorrow night - rar!

And now, some more tips for surviving the retreat:

  • Don't allow yourself to get hung up on the aspects of churchmanship that those around you may display that you yourself may feel profoundly uncomfortable with. I did at first (almost screamed when the bishop used the word altar at the rehearsal) but it's simply not worth it. Moreover, it'll get between you and making the most of the retreat.
  • Be sure to remember everything you need and/or want to have with you. I remembered my robes. Just. On the downside, I forgot the small crate of Hobgoblin ale I'd bought to bring with me. It's the little things that make the difference.