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11 Jun 2007, 13:06: The final push

Yes, five days until the deadline. This actually won't be the final push but it sure feels like it at college at the moment. Started MM320 (Hermeneutics) this morning and should hit 400 words before lunch. That may not sound like much but I always start essays slowly and then hit my stride around 500-600 words. The next 1700-2000 words or so normally flow and just leave me to tidy-up at the end and wrap it up.

Haven't really commented on what's been going on the world in a while, so a brief pause from the essay to do just that. The G8 leaders met last week and announced $60bn to relieve suffering from Aids in Africa. A joke. Of that $60bn, only $3bn is actually new and they're behind already on the 2005 commitment. Read more.

An interesting piece in the Independent's Information supplement on Saturday (doesn't appear to be online as well) about one of the hostages at Guantanamo Bay. Not that remarkable except that the reason he is there is that he is an al-Jazeera journalist who was snatched while on assignment in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He tells of the life of torture endured by the people held in America's Gulag. I note that this morning, Colin Powell has called for Guantanamo's immediate closure.

On a less heavy note, was interested to read the account of the World Series Of Poker's 7-Card Stud final table. Greg Raymer and Barry Greenstein from Team Poker Stars both made this table that went through the night. A remarkable table to observe no doubt and I hope that the ESPN coverage reflects that.