James Ogley


I maintain a number of package for SUSE Linux, mostly GNOME related, but by no means exclusively. These can be accessed in a number of ways:
  • I've started moving my packages to the openSUSE Build Service. My repository can currently be found here. Try here before the locations listed on the links below. The repository can be added to YaST or Smart as a YUM (RPM-MD) source.
  • Install packages using SUSE's YaST tool.
  • Install packages using the Smart package manager (my preferred option).
  • Install packages using APT.
  • Download the packages by FTP to install them manually. Note: if you are using a version of SUSE older than 10.0, you should use this option, or use APT and make sure you specify the correct version in sources.list.
  • I GPG sign my packages - you can get a package containing the relevant public key here.